Friday, August 28, 2015

There's still time to set things in place  !!

Just because it's August already doesn't mean we have to start thinking about the cold weather. There's no time to think about that when you got a backyard work to do that is calling for you. And just maybe your still wanting to get it done this year. Well, don't fret. There's plenty of time.
One of the major additions you can add around your home is Boulderscaping. Your backyard isn't the only place that boulderscaping has to be done.
Boulders come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Many people use them in their backyards for waterfalls and around ponds. But why stop there? Boulderscaping is becoming more and more popular as waterfalls aren't the only areas that you area able to boulderscape. While installing pools your able to use boulders along the sides of pools for a wall look, an accent look, or include boulderscaping to enhance your pool with a waterfall feature. The final end project is melodramatic once all the boulderscaping has been installed and it offers such a remarkable statement to your outdoor living spaces.
Boulderscaping can also be used in your everyday landscaping. They can be placed along or in a landscape bed, stacked on a small slope or bank, placed to border walkways, patios and driveways, or just simply be added to enhance the look of your gardens.
We use top notch boulders and are able to step back and imagine the whole picture to see that they are maintenance free and last a lifetime. Just add your bushes, perennials and flowers in between your boulders to give them a terrace look.
Boulderscaping can simply make your home stand out above all the rest !

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Outdoor Kitchens

When it comes to summer time and nice weather let's face it, we certainly don't want to be inside. And if you're like millions you spend a lot of time in your kitchen.
Well, to have the best of both worlds maybe it's time to look into that Outdoor Kitchen.
There are many options to choose from to customize your needs and what you are going to enjoy and resort to.

Some like simply a grill insert and they maybe grill quite often during the summer, or anytime throughout the year. It doesn't have to be summer to utilize your Outdoor Kitchen. While some use their Outdoor Kitchens to not only cook and grill, but perhaps extend the options and keep drinks and foods cold by installing a refrigerator or a wine cooler. Wet bars can be installed to keep things clean and to have the luxury of having a faucet and running water along with ice makers, kegmeisters, and storage areas to keep kitchen utensils and small appliances handy and within reach.  Before you know it you're Outdoor Kitchen can be easily converted to you own backyard entertainment and dining area. Add some beautiful accent lighting to entertain in the evenings also.

What holds all of your Outdoor Kitchen items together? A beautiful hardscape design. There are so many different patterns and ideas that can be used anywhere. Colors, shapes and sizes are a few to think about when designing and installing your Outdoor Kitchen. A small quaint setting is perfect for a confined area by adding a built in grill, or expand more so in a larger area to incorporate seating. Countertops can be included in your outdoor kitchen to give it the feel of essentials such as your indoor kitchen. Higher bar tops can be added and all you need are a couple bar stools to complete the look.

If you are using your Outdoor Kitchen for an entertaining area, a roof maybe the key to keeping everything still accessible in different types of weather and out of the elements. If you feel that a roof maybe too restricted, a pergola is a great option to go with. While it offers style, it can give an offset area on your patio a cozy appearance for that perfect niche.
Visit our website to get some ideas or maybe design you're Outdoor Kitchen. It will bring the artful skills you have out more than you could ever imagine. A feeling of accomplishment will surely transpire.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer is here and it's time to make a splash.....
And start enjoying your pool! Don't have a pool yet?  Let Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes beautify your outdoors. There are many patterns, colors, shapes and sizes when it comes to planning your pool installation. Finish it off with some eye-catching  landscaping, or perhaps a gazebo or pergola for some shade. The possibilities are endless and we have your outdoor necessities that you need. Let us help you build your dream backyard oasis. It’s never too late to plan your own personal outdoor haven.

Maybe you don't want to dig into a pool but would still like the option of a water feature. A great alternative is a pond or maybe a waterfall.  Ponds and waterfalls offer the sound of trickling water we all love to hear for relaxation and serenity. Landscaping and boulderscaping your waterfalls and ponds offers perfect composition with placement and inserting the appropriate greenery and colorful flowers and will make your outdoor water feature look outstanding. For night viewing, add outdoor lighting to brighten up your water
features to give that warm inviting glow or simply add lighting for your steps or walkways that may surround your water features.
Let Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes light up the evenings that can make a big difference in your outdoor living spaces.
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