Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer is here and it's time to make a splash.....
And start enjoying your pool! Don't have a pool yet?  Let Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes beautify your outdoors. There are many patterns, colors, shapes and sizes when it comes to planning your pool installation. Finish it off with some eye-catching  landscaping, or perhaps a gazebo or pergola for some shade. The possibilities are endless and we have your outdoor necessities that you need. Let us help you build your dream backyard oasis. It’s never too late to plan your own personal outdoor haven.

Maybe you don't want to dig into a pool but would still like the option of a water feature. A great alternative is a pond or maybe a waterfall.  Ponds and waterfalls offer the sound of trickling water we all love to hear for relaxation and serenity. Landscaping and boulderscaping your waterfalls and ponds offers perfect composition with placement and inserting the appropriate greenery and colorful flowers and will make your outdoor water feature look outstanding. For night viewing, add outdoor lighting to brighten up your water
features to give that warm inviting glow or simply add lighting for your steps or walkways that may surround your water features.
Let Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes light up the evenings that can make a big difference in your outdoor living spaces.
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