Monday, July 27, 2015

Time to do some grading ?

We might have finally overcome the rain and are able to work outside in our backyards. One of the important aspects of your outdoors in the grading of your lawn. Whether it be the backyard for your outdoor living space, or your front yard for your landscaping, steps or driveway, grading is an important factor that you need to work with for proper drainage and slopes. Even consider proper drainage to keep the water from coming into your home. Water damage can happen very easily and quickly and you run the risk of flooding. By grading, it helps to keep the damage from happening or can correct the drainage so it will not continue to happen. None of us want to be confronted with a flooded basement from the drainage being improperly installed.
The best option for any homeowner, especially newly built homes is to get the grading correct from the start. That may keep you from having any drainage issues in the future. If you're already living in your home, grading can help smooth out your lawn by adding or taking out fill that may or may not be needed.
Grading can make a big difference in the appearance of your home by sloping your lawn for steps to your front entrance, landscaping for adding trees or bushes, or even your driveway, flattening out the land or curving a slope for a decorative look.
Installing any outdoor living space may require grading to accommodate your personal preferences.
So it sounds like grading maybe your first step to a successful lawn !

Needs some grading done? Call us at Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes for your grading needs.

Friday, July 17, 2015


So many ideas when it comes to landscaping your home and the skies the limit.
Turn your backyard into a paradise with trees, bushes, flowers and the list can go on. Imagine the beauty once everything starts to bloom. The colors are fascinating.

Landscaping makes your yard look well groomed. There is no better feeling is to stand back and look at your home to see that the landscaping looks defined and exhibited.  It will enhance your home and make it your own. By adding the options of mulch or stone defines your landscaping where it will have a clean appearance above all and gives your landscaping a finished look.

Not real sure what to plant where? Our experts here at Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes will install your landscaping needs that will be best suitable according to the type of lighting areas around your yard. Have some shady areas or all sunny areas?  Take the guess work out of  tree, flower, and plant placement. 

Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes also offers maintenance to keep up your landscaping needs and to keep your home looking in tip top shape.


Contact us at 412-319-7524 to make your house look lush or visit the website at to see some more of the gorgeous pictures we have posted.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

3D Design

3D design is one of the most helpful tools when it comes to designing our homes with landscaping, hardscaping and boulderscaping.
Many of us can't picture what our projects are going to look like when they are finished. Quite often we  second guess ourselves on what kinds of landscaping would look best.  Need something taller in height?  Maybe something shorter to the ground? How about, will that wall look right there, how high of a wall should we install, or what angle should we place our fireplace?  When creating your outdoor kitchen, 3D design can show you where to place your grill, sink or refrigerator. It takes the guess work out of trying to decide where things should go. There are so many different options that can be done when it comes to the placement of your hardscaping.  And even though we have the great privilege of being able to place things where we want, we're often unsure if it's going to look right. Will the look have a nice flow or will it look cluttered? It can be very stressful trying to picture how your finished project will look as we don't want to make placement mistakes.

3D design takes a lot off the shoulders of the homeowner by creating and bringing together all of your components, placing them in a manner where everything is easy to the eyes.
3D design gives you the feeling of standing in your backyard and looking at your finished project at different angles as if it was real.  It also can make you see your outdoor living space as if you were standing inside your home looking out.

3D design can also aid in placement of colors and height when it comes to your landscaping as far as what types of trees or bushes could be incorporated, along with smaller plants and flowers.
For boulderscaping , it will show you how boulders or large rock can be situated in an area around your ponds, waterfalls and simply throughout your backyard.

Another option of the 3D design that seems to really help is the shape of your patio. Some are not sure what size and what shapes their patio can be done. Showing walkways and mulch areas paints a clear picture to the homeowner of how far they may want their patio to be extended.

If you're unsure about the designing of your outdoor living area, 3D design is the way to go.
It gives you a self assured feeling when it comes to your outdoor living spaces.

Unsure of your patio placements. Call to schedule your 3D Design before we start your project and have that confident feeling.

3D Design

Friday, July 3, 2015

Fire Pits

Happy 4th of July to all !
It's that time of year where friends and family have get togethers around the fire time of year. Firepits in your backyard entertaining areas add additional options for roasting marshmallows, or simply just enjoying the cracking of the fire. Be aware, drowsiness may occur, that is just how relaxing it can be.
Sitting around a firepit that has been installed by Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes presents such a mesmerizing effect.  Why not share that entrancing  feeling with friends and family. Your firepit will definitely be the area where everyone will gather and mingle.

Firepits can be placed alone or within your patio and entertainment area, and customized to your liking such as size or shape. Height is also an option along with color.

Place your favorite chairs around to enjoy the warmth from all angles.  Having a fall gathering by using bales of hay for your seating really sets the harvest mood.

Do you ever have the feeling of maybe not using your firepit in the future?  No worries, if you choose later down the road for change, simply fill in with your favorite potting soil  and make it a beautiful  little flower garden.  But you can always go back to the cozy fire that you may long for.

Got the perfect spot for a firepit? Contact us here at Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes for your outdoor  living spaces. 412-319-7524