Friday, December 4, 2015

Be the talk of the neighbors !

Brighten up your home this season even more with LED Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes LLC  Outdoor Lighting !

Get your house lit up enough to make the whole neighborhood gleam with excellence! By adding Outdoor Lighting to your home, it will shed a whole new picture that you never thought was possible. Outdoor lighting can made a huge difference in the showing of your home. It can intensify the look ten times over just
by illuminating your front door, any stone on your home, or just brighten up the front surface of your house.

Just a couple pictures to prove how awesome Outdoor Lighting can be!
Check out our website to see many more !

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Water Feature Maintenance

Winter is coming whether we like it or not. Have to say that for those that have the beautiful outdoor living spaces they are leaning more towards dreading the winter months as you can't be outside as much enjoying your outdoor kitchens, patios, and water features.
Unlike the hardcaping, such as your patio, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces or fire pits, water features needs a little attention when the cool weather rolls around. Water falls and ponds need to go through a winterization procedure that includes removing pumps, draining lines, installing a heater and aerator, along with netting. It's a process that needs to be done every fall. Keep those water features maintained to continue to reap the benefits of the beauty they offer when warm weather comes back into play.
Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes LLC offer both winterization and pond/waterfall openings. We store the pumps, nets and heaters so no need to find storage space for those items. We make your pond and waterfall maintenance stress free. Taking that little bit of time for some tlc is well worth the results when it comes time to reopen and enjoy the soothing sounds of a waterfall or the glistening of a pond.
Add lighting to your waterfall to enhance the boulders and landscaping

Add fish to your pond for that final touch

Add a pop of color to your waterfall

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Outdoor Lighting

Nowadays when you decide to renovate or add to your outdoor living spaces, you might as well configure outdoor lighting as it adds the final touch to beautify your backyard amenities. Your project just doesn't seem finished until you add the warm glows or allow the cool whites to brighten your backyard gardens and hardscaping.
If you have a pillar or two, don't hesitate to light them up with a hardscape light that will direct the light downwards to illuminate the pillar. Use the same time of light to make your hardscape step stand out more so for easy viewing when walking up or down your steps. Outdoor lighting doesn't stop there. As far as your outdoor fireplace, it can be lit up with hardscape lighting also. Just enough to ad a warm glow perhaps when you're not burning wood in the fireplace. Pathway lights look great along your walkways, to show the way of the path, or use them to border your patio, or perhaps show off some of your landscaping.
Outdoor lighting doesn't always have to shine downward and light up our walkways or the ground. With the help of a spot light, you're able to enhance a certain area that might have your favorite accent tree, or a spot that has beautiful bushes and flowers. Stand back and use the spot light to enrich an area of your home that you would like to stand out above the rest.  Another great  place to use a spot light is on your water feature. Light up the boulderscaping  around your waterfalls or ponds to define all the beauty that is offered.  Picturesque is the word that comes to mind....      
Low voltage lighting is commonly used and easy to maintain.  We just don't want to see our backyard living spaces in the day time. Night time is just as exciting to enjoy our outdoor living spaces. Don't hesitate to add outdoor lighting so you can take in all of the joyous moments in the evenings also.
Just remember, you really don't have to be outside to enjoy your outdoor lighting. You will find yourself standing in your home admiring how outdoor lighting really makes your surrounding areas look stunning.
If you choose to have a roof installed over your patio, then some apt to go with a light for the center of the ceiling to light up their area for everyday needs. But once night time arrives, let your outdoor lighting take over and adorn all of your comforts of home by adding that "finishing touch".

Light up a walkway

Accent lighting for an outdoor fireplace

A pop of light in just the right places

Light up a wall

Use different types of lighting

Light up your steps

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Start planning your next landscaping adventure. There's alot to think about when it comes to placement of all your outdoor garden greenery.
While some plants and trees require alot of sun, there are some that are shade only, or partial shade.
Another thing to consider is the height of the plant or tree. How big are they really going to grow? How wide of a space are they going to take up? So some you might not want to plant too close together. Once they get rooted and start to spread out, you don't want them to crowd other plants and greenery as that may take away from others getting sun.
Color plays a big part also when planting your greenery. There are may different shades of plants, trees, flowers and bushes to pick from, and trying to place them strategically can be a little stressful, time consuming, and frustrating. You sometimes second guess your self if you planted something in the "right" spot.
Well your not alone in the landscaping world. Here at Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes we have the experience of doing exactly that. Placing those plants, trees, bushes and flowers in just the right places where they can flourish and bloom to look lush and delightful.
So take the guess work out of those landscaping stressful moments and let Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes make your landscaping need stress free.

Front yard bank filled with beautiful greenery

A mixture of colors
A mixture of dimension

Hillside Landscaping
Add some boulders to your landscaping

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fire Pits
If you're like many of us you dread the upcoming winter months. Don’t let them get you down.  Spend as much time as you can outdoors by trying to get the days to last longer and the weather to stay warmer. Not sure if we can do all that but Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes can install your fire pit or outdoor fireplace so  you can stay outdoors and keep warm. The evenings are getting cooler and that means cutting of wood for your fire.
With the winter months coming soon, you may feel a little rushed about what kind of project you want to get into or perhaps where to place your fire pit or outdoor fireplace on your patio. No sweat. With winter coming, it's the perfect time to gather all your ideas. There's alot to think about such as measurements, colors, shapes, sizes and placement. Enough to keep you busy through the winter months deciding where you want your fire pit and/or outdoor fireplace. By getting those ideas in place, let us at Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes turn your ideas into reality so you will be able to lengthen your fall season to enjoy your outdoors longer next year.

Fire pits are usually round but there are many square ones also. Got some different ideas? Perfect ! Let us know your ideas and maybe we can bring them to life. 

If your one of the lucky ones you already have your fire pit in place. Use your fire pit for gatherings, to keep warm, always as a conversation area or roast marshmallows.
Be prepared if a sleepy feeling comes over you. Fire pits will have that effect on people. They are just that relaxing.  

Outdoor fireplaces offer the same kind of feeling of relaxation. Such a wonderful place to gather with friends and family is in front of the fireplace. There is some planning when it comes to building your fireplace also. Color, patterns and placement all play a role for your outdoor fireplace. But once it's installed, it was all worth the decision making that you had to do. It can change your backyards atmosphere to become a cozy little hideaway you can call your own.
Transform your backyard to a year round vacation spot.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Paver Patios

It maybe towards the end of the season but don't let that stop you when it comes to planning a new patio. Use the cold winter months to think about all the choices and decisions that may arise when it comes to figuring up your new outdoor living space.

A paver patio sets the foundation of much more to come. Once your patio is in place the sky is the limit. At that point is when you can place all the amenities on your patio that makes your outdoor living space your own personal oasis.
Adding a fireplace, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen will make it call come together. Installing some walls and pillars will help define certain areas that you may have in mind, and placing a roof or pergola over your patio provides shade.
Finish off with some final touches by adding some landscaping or boulderscaping to complete the project.

When installing a paver patio, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to colors or paver shapes. Designs can be done to make a particular area pop or borders can be installed with pavers to outline an alcove or the whole patio. Not only will you have to choose colors or patterns, you will have to make a decision on  the actual shape of your patio. Some opt to simply go with something square or rectangle, while others add curvy patterns to border hillsides, landscaping beds, pools, waterfalls, fire pits or simply to accommodate their outdoor features. There maybe certain areas that have a hard time growing grass and always seems to be lifeless. It's possible that's the perfect spot to add a paver patio. So much less maintenance than buying grass seed every year, planting it every year and seeing that it just won't grow in those hard to grow spots.
Pavers patios offer much more of a cleaner look. When it comes to walking around outdoors there is alot less mess walking back into your home, no dragging in of mud and dirt.

So consider yourself to have a winter project if your interested in a paver patio. The homework would be a little thinking on your part to see how many ideas you can come up with for your outdoor living space. Once the mind starts to picture a scenic backyard retreat that is just a step away outside your home there maybe no turning back and your will be excited to have your new paver patio installed right away.

Paver patios are becoming more and more popular as people see how much they beautify their home while having all the luxury that comes with it.

Looking to get some ideas? Let Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes LLC help you plan your backyard paver patio.

Paver Patios

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Patio Roofs

Autumn came so quickly this year as it does every year. It can be a beautiful time of the season with all the color of red, orange and yellows to be outside still enjoying the weather and keeping warm by a fire side. Sounds relaxing doesn’t it? Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes can make it happen! By
installing a roof over your patio means your able to spend much more time outdoors enjoying the surroundings and taking in the fresh crisp air.  Customize your roof to fit over your whole patio or entertainment area and take advantage to continue your gatherings outdoors.  It will keep everything covered, clean and dry so you can utilize your outdoor living space longer throughout the year. A outdoor fireplace adds a nice touch as it lets you bring the indoors out. You will find yourself spending alot more time outdoors when there are so many good options.
If you don't really want to cover your whole patio, you certainly don't have to. Perhaps you have a favorite sitting area, that entails some comfy furniture or a television, or maybe an outdoor kitchen you would like to keep under roof. A dining table and chairs goes perfectly under roof as it is kept dry for easy access and usage.
Once the roof is in place, decorate with your outdoor items such as your favorite furniture and spruce it up with some color and greenery in your landscaping. 
Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes LLC can make it look as though it was meant to be !

Got some ideas in mind? Let us at Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes help you with your patio needs.

Perfect place for a family gathering...


Weekend hangout
Invite friends over for a Saturday evening 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Landscaping and Boulderscaping go hand in hand.....      

Do have that hillside in your backyard you just don't know what to do with?  Or a bank or sloped area around your home that longs for attention? 

Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes LLC can help you stand back and imagine how those specific areas could come to life. Landscaping and Boulderscaping will make your home appear to look polished and refined.
We all have those areas around our home that needs a little something, perhaps a splash of color might be the thing, some bushy greenery, and maybe added dimension here and there.  You will be amazed with what those exact upgrades can do to make your home look inviting.

Landscaping and Boulderscaping allows you to be creative by placing boulders and multiple plants and flowers just in the right spots where you think you might really need the improvement. They sort of go hand in hand as the landscaping pops with some color, shapes and sizes, along with custom placement where as once the boulders are placed they offer stability, dimension and horticultural look to your gardens. There is no set pattern you need to go by as your gardens will be one of a kind.

Keep in mind that you don't have to go outside to be able to see the beauty of a landscaped and boulderscaped area. Stand inside your home and look out your window. Do you see that hillside that could use some shaping, maybe some modification and betterment to improve the setting?
Include landscaping and boulderscaping on a hillside to be able to look out your windows while walking through your home and see the fascinating array of colors and the appealing look of a stunning hillside.

Sometimes the placement can be hard to figure out when it comes to the planting of flowers, bushes and trees, inserting of boulders and rock. Let our knowledgeable staff help you with placement to make your project stand above all the rest.
The sky is the limit when it comes to landscaping and boulderscaping.  Small slopes and hillsides are just as beautiful as larger ones and you don't have to have just one.  Landscaping can be done by itself but sometimes you just need a little more of a rustic look and that is where boulderscaping can come in.

We can help bring your outdoors to life with Landscaping and Boulderscaping.
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Friday, August 28, 2015

There's still time to set things in place  !!

Just because it's August already doesn't mean we have to start thinking about the cold weather. There's no time to think about that when you got a backyard work to do that is calling for you. And just maybe your still wanting to get it done this year. Well, don't fret. There's plenty of time.
One of the major additions you can add around your home is Boulderscaping. Your backyard isn't the only place that boulderscaping has to be done.
Boulders come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Many people use them in their backyards for waterfalls and around ponds. But why stop there? Boulderscaping is becoming more and more popular as waterfalls aren't the only areas that you area able to boulderscape. While installing pools your able to use boulders along the sides of pools for a wall look, an accent look, or include boulderscaping to enhance your pool with a waterfall feature. The final end project is melodramatic once all the boulderscaping has been installed and it offers such a remarkable statement to your outdoor living spaces.
Boulderscaping can also be used in your everyday landscaping. They can be placed along or in a landscape bed, stacked on a small slope or bank, placed to border walkways, patios and driveways, or just simply be added to enhance the look of your gardens.
We use top notch boulders and are able to step back and imagine the whole picture to see that they are maintenance free and last a lifetime. Just add your bushes, perennials and flowers in between your boulders to give them a terrace look.
Boulderscaping can simply make your home stand out above all the rest !

Looking to include some boulderscaping in your upcoming project from Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes? Check out our website at

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Outdoor Kitchens

When it comes to summer time and nice weather let's face it, we certainly don't want to be inside. And if you're like millions you spend a lot of time in your kitchen.
Well, to have the best of both worlds maybe it's time to look into that Outdoor Kitchen.
There are many options to choose from to customize your needs and what you are going to enjoy and resort to.

Some like simply a grill insert and they maybe grill quite often during the summer, or anytime throughout the year. It doesn't have to be summer to utilize your Outdoor Kitchen. While some use their Outdoor Kitchens to not only cook and grill, but perhaps extend the options and keep drinks and foods cold by installing a refrigerator or a wine cooler. Wet bars can be installed to keep things clean and to have the luxury of having a faucet and running water along with ice makers, kegmeisters, and storage areas to keep kitchen utensils and small appliances handy and within reach.  Before you know it you're Outdoor Kitchen can be easily converted to you own backyard entertainment and dining area. Add some beautiful accent lighting to entertain in the evenings also.

What holds all of your Outdoor Kitchen items together? A beautiful hardscape design. There are so many different patterns and ideas that can be used anywhere. Colors, shapes and sizes are a few to think about when designing and installing your Outdoor Kitchen. A small quaint setting is perfect for a confined area by adding a built in grill, or expand more so in a larger area to incorporate seating. Countertops can be included in your outdoor kitchen to give it the feel of essentials such as your indoor kitchen. Higher bar tops can be added and all you need are a couple bar stools to complete the look.

If you are using your Outdoor Kitchen for an entertaining area, a roof maybe the key to keeping everything still accessible in different types of weather and out of the elements. If you feel that a roof maybe too restricted, a pergola is a great option to go with. While it offers style, it can give an offset area on your patio a cozy appearance for that perfect niche.
Visit our website to get some ideas or maybe design you're Outdoor Kitchen. It will bring the artful skills you have out more than you could ever imagine. A feeling of accomplishment will surely transpire.

Let us at Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes help you with your Outdoor Kitchen ideas

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer is here and it's time to make a splash.....
And start enjoying your pool! Don't have a pool yet?  Let Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes beautify your outdoors. There are many patterns, colors, shapes and sizes when it comes to planning your pool installation. Finish it off with some eye-catching  landscaping, or perhaps a gazebo or pergola for some shade. The possibilities are endless and we have your outdoor necessities that you need. Let us help you build your dream backyard oasis. It’s never too late to plan your own personal outdoor haven.

Maybe you don't want to dig into a pool but would still like the option of a water feature. A great alternative is a pond or maybe a waterfall.  Ponds and waterfalls offer the sound of trickling water we all love to hear for relaxation and serenity. Landscaping and boulderscaping your waterfalls and ponds offers perfect composition with placement and inserting the appropriate greenery and colorful flowers and will make your outdoor water feature look outstanding. For night viewing, add outdoor lighting to brighten up your water
features to give that warm inviting glow or simply add lighting for your steps or walkways that may surround your water features.
Let Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes light up the evenings that can make a big difference in your outdoor living spaces.
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Time to do some grading ?

We might have finally overcome the rain and are able to work outside in our backyards. One of the important aspects of your outdoors in the grading of your lawn. Whether it be the backyard for your outdoor living space, or your front yard for your landscaping, steps or driveway, grading is an important factor that you need to work with for proper drainage and slopes. Even consider proper drainage to keep the water from coming into your home. Water damage can happen very easily and quickly and you run the risk of flooding. By grading, it helps to keep the damage from happening or can correct the drainage so it will not continue to happen. None of us want to be confronted with a flooded basement from the drainage being improperly installed.
The best option for any homeowner, especially newly built homes is to get the grading correct from the start. That may keep you from having any drainage issues in the future. If you're already living in your home, grading can help smooth out your lawn by adding or taking out fill that may or may not be needed.
Grading can make a big difference in the appearance of your home by sloping your lawn for steps to your front entrance, landscaping for adding trees or bushes, or even your driveway, flattening out the land or curving a slope for a decorative look.
Installing any outdoor living space may require grading to accommodate your personal preferences.
So it sounds like grading maybe your first step to a successful lawn !

Needs some grading done? Call us at Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes for your grading needs.

Friday, July 17, 2015


So many ideas when it comes to landscaping your home and the skies the limit.
Turn your backyard into a paradise with trees, bushes, flowers and the list can go on. Imagine the beauty once everything starts to bloom. The colors are fascinating.

Landscaping makes your yard look well groomed. There is no better feeling is to stand back and look at your home to see that the landscaping looks defined and exhibited.  It will enhance your home and make it your own. By adding the options of mulch or stone defines your landscaping where it will have a clean appearance above all and gives your landscaping a finished look.

Not real sure what to plant where? Our experts here at Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes will install your landscaping needs that will be best suitable according to the type of lighting areas around your yard. Have some shady areas or all sunny areas?  Take the guess work out of  tree, flower, and plant placement. 

Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes also offers maintenance to keep up your landscaping needs and to keep your home looking in tip top shape.


Contact us at 412-319-7524 to make your house look lush or visit the website at to see some more of the gorgeous pictures we have posted.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

3D Design

3D design is one of the most helpful tools when it comes to designing our homes with landscaping, hardscaping and boulderscaping.
Many of us can't picture what our projects are going to look like when they are finished. Quite often we  second guess ourselves on what kinds of landscaping would look best.  Need something taller in height?  Maybe something shorter to the ground? How about, will that wall look right there, how high of a wall should we install, or what angle should we place our fireplace?  When creating your outdoor kitchen, 3D design can show you where to place your grill, sink or refrigerator. It takes the guess work out of trying to decide where things should go. There are so many different options that can be done when it comes to the placement of your hardscaping.  And even though we have the great privilege of being able to place things where we want, we're often unsure if it's going to look right. Will the look have a nice flow or will it look cluttered? It can be very stressful trying to picture how your finished project will look as we don't want to make placement mistakes.

3D design takes a lot off the shoulders of the homeowner by creating and bringing together all of your components, placing them in a manner where everything is easy to the eyes.
3D design gives you the feeling of standing in your backyard and looking at your finished project at different angles as if it was real.  It also can make you see your outdoor living space as if you were standing inside your home looking out.

3D design can also aid in placement of colors and height when it comes to your landscaping as far as what types of trees or bushes could be incorporated, along with smaller plants and flowers.
For boulderscaping , it will show you how boulders or large rock can be situated in an area around your ponds, waterfalls and simply throughout your backyard.

Another option of the 3D design that seems to really help is the shape of your patio. Some are not sure what size and what shapes their patio can be done. Showing walkways and mulch areas paints a clear picture to the homeowner of how far they may want their patio to be extended.

If you're unsure about the designing of your outdoor living area, 3D design is the way to go.
It gives you a self assured feeling when it comes to your outdoor living spaces.

Unsure of your patio placements. Call to schedule your 3D Design before we start your project and have that confident feeling.

3D Design