Friday, April 29, 2016

Food for thought....
Pool installers, install pools. That's it. And if that is all you want, that's all you will get.
Pool designers go above and beyond just installing a pool.
What about your patio around your pool? Do pool installers install paver patios around your pool?
When inquiring to companies about installing a pool, you must think of the big picture. What all will the pool installers take care of?
Many of them don't install the patio around the pool, nor do they install the landscaping or fencing.
If you are wanting to add a pool to your outdoor living space, you may want to add in an outdoor kitchen, hot tub, outdoor lighting, possibly a water feature off the side of your pool, or even some boulderscaping.
Keep in mind, pool installers install pools. Pool designers will put the whole big picture together for you and add all the amenities that you can do and that needs done.
It seems much easier to have one company taking care of your backyard living than to have multiple contractors that you have to take the time to meet with.

Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes LLC does it all.
If you want a pool with the surroundings, our company takes care of each and every area that you are looking to transform to your liking. We install the pools, patios, outdoor kitchens, outdoor lighting, water features, boulderscaping, and whatever else your heart desires.

So, why go running around trying to look for multiple contractors to do multiple jobs when Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes LLC can take care of your outdoor living space project all in one!

We are your ONE STOP SHOP !