Friday, July 22, 2016

This is best for the scorching hot weather!

Patio Roofs and Pavilions

Installing a patio cover at your home does so much more than simply provide shade and improve curb appeal. Covering your homes existing patio can essentially create an entirely new living space for you and your family, providing extra space for you to do all the things you love.

A roof system or pavilion protects your outdoor living space from the uv rays of the sun. It helps keep all your items much cooler and keeps your cushions and pillows from fading.  It also protects against the cold weather elements and even rainfall.

But mostly, with the hot humid weather that is upon us, a roof, shelter or pavilion keeps us cool and out of the hot sun. It can be scorching at times and it's a big help when you have cover to retreat to and relax under.

Roofing, shelters and pavilion can be built for your ideas.  Customizing is a great option if you have multiple places on your patio that you would like to keep under cover from the damaging rays, so you are able to have additional shade and weather protection without sacrificing the open air benefit of outdoor living, day or night.

Let Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes install your next roof, shelter or pavilion!