Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Patio Budgeting: Where Do I Start?

It’s no secret that adding an outdoor living space elevates your home’s financial value. Luxury items like grill stations, fire pits and fireplaces, pergolas, and full outdoor kitchens are a selling point for almost every buyer.

Still, we would argue the other kind of value outdoor living spaces bring to your home—the personal value—is even more important. Adding a patio is a sure way to elevate your outdoor entertaining style...not to mention outdoor dining, lounging, and family time.

That’s why the most important factor to consider as you establish a patio budget is…you!

You want the most use and value you can get from this investment. When our Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes team approaches a patio project, our first step is getting to know the clients and their families. With a full understanding of your lifestyle, we can provide guidance on which features will be the best investment for your family.

Once your dream patio design—and budget—is focused on features that will bring the most personal value, you’ll want to consider other main factors that contribute to project cost:

Accessibility. How easily can the project area be reached? If our team can back a truck right up to the project area, you will save on costs.

Staging. Is there ample room to stage bulk materials (making the project more budget-friendly) or does everything need to be brought in daily?

Soil conditions. Has the ground been untouched for at least 10 years? Disturbed soils are unstable and typically cost more to prepare. (If you’re in this situation, stabilizing the soil is an essential step because it ensures the integrity of the entire project.)

Topography. Working with a flat area typically costs less. Slopes almost always require walls or additional materials to level out the area.

Today we’ve put you on the right path for smart patio planning, but if you have more patio budgeting questions (or are even ready for the next step!) we are here to help. Contact Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes today, and together we can create the perfect patio for your lifestyle.


Are you interested in learning more about designing a patio perfect for you? Contact our Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes, LLC team today to get started!


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