Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Water Damage

Melting snow, rain and groundwater accumulate in your yard and cause soil erosion and water damage to the foundation of your home as well as the outside of the home such as retaining walls, patios and walkways. Furthermore, it can drown your plants and flowers destroying your landscape investment. As the soil around your home begins to unfreeze, if there are cracks in your foundation at all, then the water will most likely start seeping through and cause problems. If excess water is making your yard marshy or soggy or is flooding your basement, you may need to install a drainage system to help avoid further damage. When protecting the value of your property from water damage, your goal is to capture excess water, move it away from the puddling area, and then disperse or store it in a safe manner. You may need to install a drainage system for your property to keep your home dry and protected and your property safe in early spring. If you do not address water drainage issues early on, you expose yourself to property damage, reduced functionality of your yard, health issues, and it can cost you thousands later - up to 2 to 5 times more than the cost of solving the drainage problem in the first place. Contact Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes for more information.