Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why Hire a Design - Build Firm for Your Outdoor Living Project?

When planning to add a patio, pool, deck, outdoor kitchen - or some other sort of outdoor living addition to your home, the traditional approach has been to meet with a designer, an engineer, and a contractor. Of course, this takes a significant amount of time and leaves more room for error with each company your project passes through. When you hire a Design-Build firm like Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes, you work with just us. Our staff will work with you from the first concept of the idea through the completed installation, significantly simplifying the process of your total outdoor project This means fewer meetings required and more time saved. There is greater efficiency and less room for error when the same company is designing, creating the architectural plans, installing it, and managing all aspects.

Another great benefit to the design-build process is that your project is designed to your budget. With your budget discussed early in the process, your entire project is planned to fit within the parameters you create and have chosen before breaking ground.

In addition, our design fee is rolled into the total project cost. Because we create the design in-house, the cost is much less than if you were to hire a designer separately. There is also no question as to whether or not the design can actually be built.

So if you are thinking of adding that outdoor living oasis you have been dreaming about, hire just one company to manage your project - landscape to hardscape - beginning to end!