Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Think OUTSIDE of the Box!

Ideas for "home decorating" often encourages people to bring the beauty of the outside inside; but, why not take the comfort of your indoor living space to the outdoors? This will allow you to immerse yourself in natural surroundings without compromising on practicality. Here is Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes' list of things to think about to get started:

Lighting is key to creating the right atmosphere and is crucial for allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living space at any time of day. Avoid brash security lights and go for fixtures that offer softer lighting to create a relaxed ambience.

Say goodbye to flimsy plastic outdoor tables and chairs, which are neither comfortable nor stylish – something you’d never have inside the home! Instead, try beautiful and durable patio furniture from a reputable retailer like The Fireplace and Patioplace who stocks the most stylish sets of furniture for all areas of your outdoor living space - from elaborate dining sets to delightful garden pieces.

Set up an ample covered outdoor space and house a barbecue and food preparation area within. You can then dine while enjoying stunning views of your backyard oasis, even in the cooler weather or rain. Grills, outdoor barbecues, brick ovens and cooking areas - the ideas are endless.

Entertain yourself or guests in the great outdoors, and you have no reason to step back inside during the early spring and even into late fall/early winter! Supplying the heat or ambience with fire pits and fireplaces outdoors, you can entertain guests for a long time, even in this Pittsburgh weather! Nothing makes guest feel more comfortable than the beauty and warmth of a fire.

These are only some very general ideas to think about when envisioning something more for your outdoor space. The professionals at Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes can help you transform your backyard into an extension of your indoor space for some great outdoor living. Visit us at www.pghsw.com for great ideas and information on how to get started.