Monday, July 27, 2015

Time to do some grading ?

We might have finally overcome the rain and are able to work outside in our backyards. One of the important aspects of your outdoors in the grading of your lawn. Whether it be the backyard for your outdoor living space, or your front yard for your landscaping, steps or driveway, grading is an important factor that you need to work with for proper drainage and slopes. Even consider proper drainage to keep the water from coming into your home. Water damage can happen very easily and quickly and you run the risk of flooding. By grading, it helps to keep the damage from happening or can correct the drainage so it will not continue to happen. None of us want to be confronted with a flooded basement from the drainage being improperly installed.
The best option for any homeowner, especially newly built homes is to get the grading correct from the start. That may keep you from having any drainage issues in the future. If you're already living in your home, grading can help smooth out your lawn by adding or taking out fill that may or may not be needed.
Grading can make a big difference in the appearance of your home by sloping your lawn for steps to your front entrance, landscaping for adding trees or bushes, or even your driveway, flattening out the land or curving a slope for a decorative look.
Installing any outdoor living space may require grading to accommodate your personal preferences.
So it sounds like grading maybe your first step to a successful lawn !

Needs some grading done? Call us at Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes for your grading needs.