Friday, October 16, 2015

Fire Pits
If you're like many of us you dread the upcoming winter months. Don’t let them get you down.  Spend as much time as you can outdoors by trying to get the days to last longer and the weather to stay warmer. Not sure if we can do all that but Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes can install your fire pit or outdoor fireplace so  you can stay outdoors and keep warm. The evenings are getting cooler and that means cutting of wood for your fire.
With the winter months coming soon, you may feel a little rushed about what kind of project you want to get into or perhaps where to place your fire pit or outdoor fireplace on your patio. No sweat. With winter coming, it's the perfect time to gather all your ideas. There's alot to think about such as measurements, colors, shapes, sizes and placement. Enough to keep you busy through the winter months deciding where you want your fire pit and/or outdoor fireplace. By getting those ideas in place, let us at Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes turn your ideas into reality so you will be able to lengthen your fall season to enjoy your outdoors longer next year.

Fire pits are usually round but there are many square ones also. Got some different ideas? Perfect ! Let us know your ideas and maybe we can bring them to life. 

If your one of the lucky ones you already have your fire pit in place. Use your fire pit for gatherings, to keep warm, always as a conversation area or roast marshmallows.
Be prepared if a sleepy feeling comes over you. Fire pits will have that effect on people. They are just that relaxing.  

Outdoor fireplaces offer the same kind of feeling of relaxation. Such a wonderful place to gather with friends and family is in front of the fireplace. There is some planning when it comes to building your fireplace also. Color, patterns and placement all play a role for your outdoor fireplace. But once it's installed, it was all worth the decision making that you had to do. It can change your backyards atmosphere to become a cozy little hideaway you can call your own.
Transform your backyard to a year round vacation spot.