Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Start planning your next landscaping adventure. There's alot to think about when it comes to placement of all your outdoor garden greenery.
While some plants and trees require alot of sun, there are some that are shade only, or partial shade.
Another thing to consider is the height of the plant or tree. How big are they really going to grow? How wide of a space are they going to take up? So some you might not want to plant too close together. Once they get rooted and start to spread out, you don't want them to crowd other plants and greenery as that may take away from others getting sun.
Color plays a big part also when planting your greenery. There are may different shades of plants, trees, flowers and bushes to pick from, and trying to place them strategically can be a little stressful, time consuming, and frustrating. You sometimes second guess your self if you planted something in the "right" spot.
Well your not alone in the landscaping world. Here at Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes we have the experience of doing exactly that. Placing those plants, trees, bushes and flowers in just the right places where they can flourish and bloom to look lush and delightful.
So take the guess work out of those landscaping stressful moments and let Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes make your landscaping need stress free.

Front yard bank filled with beautiful greenery

A mixture of colors
A mixture of dimension

Hillside Landscaping
Add some boulders to your landscaping