Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Outdoor Lighting

Nowadays when you decide to renovate or add to your outdoor living spaces, you might as well configure outdoor lighting as it adds the final touch to beautify your backyard amenities. Your project just doesn't seem finished until you add the warm glows or allow the cool whites to brighten your backyard gardens and hardscaping.
If you have a pillar or two, don't hesitate to light them up with a hardscape light that will direct the light downwards to illuminate the pillar. Use the same time of light to make your hardscape step stand out more so for easy viewing when walking up or down your steps. Outdoor lighting doesn't stop there. As far as your outdoor fireplace, it can be lit up with hardscape lighting also. Just enough to ad a warm glow perhaps when you're not burning wood in the fireplace. Pathway lights look great along your walkways, to show the way of the path, or use them to border your patio, or perhaps show off some of your landscaping.
Outdoor lighting doesn't always have to shine downward and light up our walkways or the ground. With the help of a spot light, you're able to enhance a certain area that might have your favorite accent tree, or a spot that has beautiful bushes and flowers. Stand back and use the spot light to enrich an area of your home that you would like to stand out above the rest.  Another great  place to use a spot light is on your water feature. Light up the boulderscaping  around your waterfalls or ponds to define all the beauty that is offered.  Picturesque is the word that comes to mind....      
Low voltage lighting is commonly used and easy to maintain.  We just don't want to see our backyard living spaces in the day time. Night time is just as exciting to enjoy our outdoor living spaces. Don't hesitate to add outdoor lighting so you can take in all of the joyous moments in the evenings also.
Just remember, you really don't have to be outside to enjoy your outdoor lighting. You will find yourself standing in your home admiring how outdoor lighting really makes your surrounding areas look stunning.
If you choose to have a roof installed over your patio, then some apt to go with a light for the center of the ceiling to light up their area for everyday needs. But once night time arrives, let your outdoor lighting take over and adorn all of your comforts of home by adding that "finishing touch".

Light up a walkway

Accent lighting for an outdoor fireplace

A pop of light in just the right places

Light up a wall

Use different types of lighting

Light up your steps