Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Swimming Pools: Makeover Edition

What spends years enduring the summer scorch and the winter freeze but never gets an upgrade?

Your swimming pool.

This year, it’s your pool’s turn for a makeover. Here’s why:

Safety first. After years of use and exposure to Pittsburgh weather, pool decks and patios begin to show signs of structural damage. Have you noticed any cracks starting to form? On its own, this kind of damage is a safety hazard for you and your family. Left untreated, it could also affect your pool’s structural integrity.

BEFORE: This pool is ready for an upgrade

Updated aesthetics. When your home and backyard are beautifully and thoughtfully designed, you want your pool to match. What does your dream pool area look like? Even a newer pool can be perfectly complemented with a gazebo or outdoor fireplace. One family we worked with loved their new backyard oasis so much they wrote to tell us all about it:

“We are once again so pleased at how beautiful our back yard is. The stone patio makes the pool look amazing. The other day a guest said, ‘No wonder you are so joyful—your life is filled with beauty.'"

Filling your life with beauty is one of the best compliments we can receive because that is exactly what we aim to accomplish!

DURING: One view of our 3D design for this pool makeover

Timing. We want to design your dream swimming area…and we want you to be able to swim in it this summer! So the time to start planning is now. Snow on the ground doesn’t stop us from taking the key first steps: talking about what you want and need from your pool area and creating a customized 3D design and proposal.

AFTER: Pool paradise dreams become reality

Are you ready to dive in? Reach out to us today so we can take your pool from “before” to “after” in time for this summer’s swim season. Let’s bring more beauty into your life!