Friday, April 7, 2017

Transform your Backyard into a True Living Space

What are your best memories at home? The family get-togethers that stretch into evening because everyone is having so much fun? Sharing drinks and laughing with friends around a cozy outdoor fireplace?

Whether you prefer impromptu backyard picnics or impeccably planned parties—or a bit of both!—you need a backyard retreat where you can do it all: grill and cook, host and entertain, relax and play.

But do you have the right space to turn this backyard dream into reality? Here are three tips to help you decide.

Expect to use 750-1000 square feet. This allows room for a dining table, sitting area, and outdoor kitchen or grill area. If you plan to incorporate a fire pit or fireplace with seating (you won’t regret it—our clients love this feature!), you’ll want to be closer to 1000 square feet.

Don’t worry about hillsides. If you have a hillside in your backyard, consider it an opportunity rather than an obstacle. A hillside can be the ideal place to incorporate knee walls, waterfalls, and other features. By building into the hillside, you create a clean transition space and utilize an otherwise unusable piece of land.

Factor in your floor plan. Your first step is identifying exactly what you want from your space. What will you do there? What kind of furniture will you incorporate? We recommend scouting local outdoor furniture stores for ideas and inspiration. With your input, we create 3D furniture layouts to scale. These allow us to map possibilities that meet your needs and best suit your space.

Ready to transform your backyard? Our team at Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes, LLC is—contact us now to get started!