Friday, July 3, 2015

Fire Pits

Happy 4th of July to all !
It's that time of year where friends and family have get togethers around the fire time of year. Firepits in your backyard entertaining areas add additional options for roasting marshmallows, or simply just enjoying the cracking of the fire. Be aware, drowsiness may occur, that is just how relaxing it can be.
Sitting around a firepit that has been installed by Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes presents such a mesmerizing effect.  Why not share that entrancing  feeling with friends and family. Your firepit will definitely be the area where everyone will gather and mingle.

Firepits can be placed alone or within your patio and entertainment area, and customized to your liking such as size or shape. Height is also an option along with color.

Place your favorite chairs around to enjoy the warmth from all angles.  Having a fall gathering by using bales of hay for your seating really sets the harvest mood.

Do you ever have the feeling of maybe not using your firepit in the future?  No worries, if you choose later down the road for change, simply fill in with your favorite potting soil  and make it a beautiful  little flower garden.  But you can always go back to the cozy fire that you may long for.

Got the perfect spot for a firepit? Contact us here at Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes for your outdoor  living spaces. 412-319-7524