Friday, July 17, 2015


So many ideas when it comes to landscaping your home and the skies the limit.
Turn your backyard into a paradise with trees, bushes, flowers and the list can go on. Imagine the beauty once everything starts to bloom. The colors are fascinating.

Landscaping makes your yard look well groomed. There is no better feeling is to stand back and look at your home to see that the landscaping looks defined and exhibited.  It will enhance your home and make it your own. By adding the options of mulch or stone defines your landscaping where it will have a clean appearance above all and gives your landscaping a finished look.

Not real sure what to plant where? Our experts here at Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes will install your landscaping needs that will be best suitable according to the type of lighting areas around your yard. Have some shady areas or all sunny areas?  Take the guess work out of  tree, flower, and plant placement. 

Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes also offers maintenance to keep up your landscaping needs and to keep your home looking in tip top shape.


Contact us at 412-319-7524 to make your house look lush or visit the website at to see some more of the gorgeous pictures we have posted.